Late Summer Produce: An Update from the Fields


As we are heading into September, the late summer sun gently touching our agricultural lands, we are once again in a transition. From summer bounty to fall, as the seasonal preparation for winter, a last push of life before the months of darkness and hibernation and recovery. Time for us get An Update from the Fields! What produce is leaving us and what is coming in, how does it need to be handled and stored, what are the prices we need to expect, and why? An entire episode to expand our understanding of agriculture, organic agriculture that is, and the reality of a farmer’s life. Host Helge Hellberg in an organic conversation with some of his dear friends in this work of advocating for and creating a more sustainable, healthier world, a more conscientious way of living this life in our attempt to be better, more responsible stewards of this beautiful planet that surely can use a bit more love these days, and always.


Earl Herrick, Founder & Owner, Earl's Organic Produce, San Francisco, CA