Farmland Ecology: The Relationship Between Animals, Soil and Trees



In Nature, everything supports and feeds off of one another. There is no waste, only relationships. It’s a system, an endless web of life and connections. Organic farms know the strength of this system and actively cultivate it, by inviting Nature onto the farm and seeing the farm as a part of the overall ecology of the place. This episode is about connections between animals, soil, and trees, and what one expert has discovered. The system is called Silvopasture. What's that? Tune in to find out.


Steve Gabriel, Author, Silvopasture: A Guide to Managing Grazing Animals, Forage Crops, and Trees in a Temperate Farm Ecosystem, Mecklenburg, NY


Healing Courage: Support for Survivors of Sexual Violence



Since the #metoo movement began last year, the topic of sexual violence has finally become a part of our public focus. Today we want to dive deeper into this much-needed conversation. We are speaking with a leader in this movement, a woman that will help us understand the forms of sexual violence, what the individual path of healing from such trauma often looks like, the importance of identifying as a survivor rather than a victim, and what support is available for survivors. And we won’t stop there. Host Helge Hellberg feels strongly that this conversation is not a topic shared just amongst women, but the conversation must include men, as well.

How can we expand the current conversation and make sure it is not simply a media focus for a few months, but will stay as an ongoing theme about the healing that needs to happen in our society? Tune in and be a part of this conversation.


Stephanie Burns, Founder & Director, Healing Courage, Port Townsend, WA

Medicinal Mushrooms: The Fabulous World of Fungi



From metabolizing environmental pollutants to absolutely critical roles in the process of decay and renewal in Nature to the absolutely stunning medicinal benefits for human health, mushrooms are mystical powerhouses with abilities far beyond most other plants or organisms. It’s the foundation of and for life. Today, we are focusing on the human health benefits of medicinal mushrooms, and explore just how amazing they really are, with one of the top experts in the field.


Jeff Chilton, President, Nammex Organic Mushroom Extracts, Tofino, B.C. Canada

The Human Longevity Project: Unraveling the Secrets to a Healthy Life



Newest research is showing us that the life around us defines the life inside of us – or, in other words, that we are mostly put together by bacteria and cells that are not human, but other life forms and that the strength and health of those bacteria very much defines how we going to live – healthfully, or not. We are speaking about a documentary series that is Unraveling the Secrets to a Healthy Life. After years of research and newest scientific findings in regard to gene expression, aging, and chronic diseases, we may have just found the key to unlock this mystery.



Jason Prall, Director, Writer & Producer, The Human Longevity Project, Seattle, WA

Beyond Weather: The Geo-Political Impact of Global Warming



When we hear about climate change we may think of harsher storms, flooding, or extreme drought. Those are the immediate consequences of weather on land and sea. But few have ever explained to us just how far reaching the ripple effects go from there. Drought means people in hunger, large populations moving, social breakdowns, and possibly war. A new film is focused exactly on that interconnectedness of problems, causes and effects. It’s called The Age of Consequences and it is playing in film festivals all around the country right now. We are speaking with the film maker today, in this not to be missed episode.


Jared Scott, Writer, Director, Producer, The Age of Consequences, Brooklyn, NY

Your Brain on Nature: How Our Environment Becomes Us



If you live in a city and spend a significant amount of time on your devices, this show is for you. New research has found that a cellphone is addictive, literally. The best antidote? Nature! The temperatures are warming, a big spring cleaning is around the corner, and with it, we allow the energy of the natural environment to re-enter our lives. What does that really mean and how important is it? Just how much does the world of technology and the world outside really affect us? Today we’ll find out with new research done by Dr. David Strayer, a Professor of Cognition and Neural Science, who will speak with us about just how much our environment becomes us.


Dr. David Strayer, Professor of Cognition and Neural Science, University of Utah, Park City, UT

A Kernel of Life: Seed, The Untold Story



A carrot seed is far less than a millimeter in size, a tiny speck of dirt, dust in the wind. And yet, it contains the DNA to sprout, and to grow big, orange, beta-carotene-rich carrots, given darkness and moisture and the right temperature. Seeds have been the foundation of life, and for life, for millions of years. Seeds are an incredible invention by Mother Nature – preserving life from generation to generation, often thousands of varieties of the same species, able to withstand and learn from draught, or other weather conditions, incorporate soil quality, and other environmental factors. Seeds are a living database of the growing history, to make sure the next generation of seeds is even better equipped than the generation before. Seeds are food, diversity, and resilience. There is a new film available that is talking about the role Seeds play for society, and for life itself. We are speaking with the directors and producers today in this insightful episode on life itself.


Jon Betz, Director & Producer

Taggart Siegel, Director & Producer

SEED: The Untold Story

Fast and Cheap Fashion: The Disastrous Consequences of the Clothing Industry



In honor of the San Francisco Green Film Festival, we are covering a handful of outstanding documentaries, new films that are as brilliantly produced as they are critical to know as they are – hopefully – shaping our society and our way of life. We are starting today with Riverblue - a close look at the unbelievable environmental implications of fast and cheap fashion. The destruction is so extreme, overwhelming, and so visible, that even our show title, usually a hopeful note, speaks of the insane conditions in which the world produces garments. Host Helge Hellberg is interviewing both the Director and Producer of Riverblue in this week's episode.


David McIlvride, Writer and Director, Riverblue

Roger Williams, Producer and Director, Riverblue

Medicinal Marijuana: Health Benefits, Safe Use, and Advice



The entire conversation about sustainable agriculture, food, and plant-based medicines is huge, convoluted, and full of – may we say – intentional errors? There are trillion dollar interests at stake between the agricultural and the pharmaceutical industry, and yet, medicinal marijuana is also not the cure-all easy fix. It’s a powerful and important plant and medicine that for millions of people offer incredible benefits. Still a controversial topic, but such a needed conversation. We will be discussing the health benefits, safe usage, and advice, from a doctor who is an expert on medicinal marijuana.


Dr. Rachna Patel, Medical Marijuana Doctor, The Medical Marijuana Expert, Walnut Creek, CA


Goatlandia Animal Rescue: Love for Animals, Love for Self



“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” This beautiful quote by Mahatma Gandhi is the framework for this episode. We have come a long way in the protection of animals, as some of them do enjoy relative safety in the wild, as well as at home as domestic pets. Unfortunately, when it comes to animal welfare in commercially raised animals for consumption, such as chickens, pigs, lambs, and of course cows, there is little to no governmental protection. To make a difference, a woman in California decided to change her career and provide a safe haven for exactly those animals.


Deborah Blum, Founder, Goatlandia, Santa Rosa, CA

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