Healing Courage: Support for Survivors of Sexual Violence


Since the #metoo movement began last year, the topic of sexual violence has finally become a part of our public focus. Today we want to dive deeper into this much-needed conversation. We are speaking with a leader in this movement, a woman that will help us understand the forms of sexual violence, what the individual path of healing from such trauma often looks like, the importance of identifying as a survivor rather than a victim, and what support is available for survivors. And we won’t stop there. Host Helge Hellberg feels strongly that this conversation is not a topic shared just amongst women, but the conversation must include men, as well.

How can we expand the current conversation and make sure it is not simply a media focus for a few months, but will stay as an ongoing theme about the healing that needs to happen in our society? Tune in and be a part of this conversation.


Stephanie Burns, Founder & Director, Healing Courage, Port Townsend, WA