Wisdom of the Seasons: A Life Built on Organic Soil



We all live in cycles, moon cycles, sun cycles, menstrual cycles, seasons, birth, youth, maturity, old age, and ultimately death again. Destruction and creation. We are in conversation today about cycles and the wisdom Nature holds for us with no one better than Earl Herrick. Earl lives Nature every single day in his work at Earl’s Organic, the premier organic produce wholesale business out of San Francisco, in a life dedicated to organic agriculture.


Earl Herrick, Founder & Owner, Earl's Organic Produce, San Francisco, CA

California After the Fire: Lessons from a Biodynamic Vineyard



Last fall, Southern and Northern California experienced the worst fires in its recorded history. Fires are part of the ecological cycle, even necessary in the cycle of life. And yet, the devastation last year’s California fires left behind was unprecedented. How do we reconcile that, what can we learn from such an event, and how can we still help in the effort to restore what was lost?

So while the fires have ended, the aftermath and efforts to rebuild continue. One of the areas hit hard in Northern California was the Redwood Valley, a couple of hours north of San Francisco, and the home of Frey Vineyards. We are speaking with Katrina Frey today about her experience in the middle of the chaos, as Executive Director of Frey Vineyards.


Katrina Frey, Executive Director, Frey Vineyards, Redwood Valley, CA

Colorful Vegan Kitchen: Plant-Based Recipes for Everyone



One of the most powerful transformations in the world of diets has occurred for the term Vegan. In its early days in the 1980’s when I learned about it, Vegan often meant overcooked carrots with a cold tofu salad. Today we know that a plant-based diet, which is exactly what a Vegan diet comprises of – plants, is the healthiest way to eat. Newest biome research – biome being the bacteria in our bodies and particularly in our gut, shows that a fiber-rich diet of fruits and vegetables – ideally organic – is the most important piece for optimal microbial health in our bodies, and with it, the foundation for our own health. And today, the plant-based dishes some chefs are coming up with are simply out of this world - and actually easy to create, even for us, at home.


Ilene Godofsky Moreno, Author, The Colorful Kitchen, Brooklyn, NY

Children’s Health: The Consequences of Industrial Food Production



We know that environmental health and human health are inextricably linked. So, when we talk about sustainable agriculture and organic food as the foundation for social and environmental justice – we also mean human health. This episode is about human health, for the most vulnerable of us, our children.

Two doctors have made an assessment of the environmental impacts of pesticides and other chemicals in our food part of their practice in their work of healing children. And with it, they have become experts in just how much the food we eat – or rather the food we feed our children - can make them sick.


Dr. Michelle Perro, Co-Author

Dr. Vincanne Adams, Co-Author

What's Making Our Children Sick? How Industrial Food Is Causing an Epidemic of Chronic Illness, and What Parents (and Doctors) Can Do About It

Bay Area, California

The Art of Flourishing: Finding Inner Balance in a Chaotic World



It is the blending of knowledge that makes us better, stronger, and hopefully wiser, as people, and as a species. In this episode, we are speaking with an expert about how to work with the mind and body in the most holistic way possible. For decades, he has been marrying the best practices from around the world for astonishing results, particularly Western Psychotherapy and Eastern philosophies and practices such as meditation. He has written numerous books and is one of the most renowned scholars on the topic of how to live well and cultivate happiness as a state of being. Let's take a look at what he has to say...


Dr. Jeffrey Rubin, Author, The Art of Flourishing: A Guide to Mindfulness, Love and Self-Care in a Chaotic World, Westchester, NY

4 Wheel Bob: A True Tale of Strength, Courage, and Wisdom



In this life, in this world, you would think that we might run out of ideas, or stories, or goals - that the human capacity will at one point exhaust itself, that all songs might be written one day. Well, clearly not so. We’ve come across this incredibly wonderful movie, as slow as a wheel chair, and as deep as human inspiration can lead us – in this case up the mountain, into the heart and soul of the viewer. It’s called 4 Wheel Bob: A True Tale of Strength, Courage, and Wisdom. It’s filmed in the San Francisco Bay Area, where this show is produced, and it was nominated as one of the Bay Area’s most important Environmental Film Contributions this year at the San Francisco Green Film Festival. We are speaking with the film maker today, and with the star of the documentary.



Tal Skloot, Director, 4 Wheel Bob, SF Bay Area

Bob Coomber, Lifelong Outdoorsman, 4 Wheel Bob, SF Bay Area

Essential Oils: The Amazing Properties of Scent



Imagine there is a new world out there, a different dimension, right at your fingertips, that you could enter at any time, that can bring you joy, and pleasure, and healing. That world exists, and it is our topic in this episode - Essential Oils. We have had shows on scents and the importance of our ability to smell, and while we appreciate the beauty and comfort a nice scent can give to us, we were stunned when we came across a brand new book on Essential Oils and their therapeutic use. The book is called “Healing Civilizations,” and while that seems like a bold title, the book delivers on it. It’s a tour around the world with your nose, combining ancient wisdom with modern studies of therapeutic essential oils. In this episoe, Helge Hellberg is speaking with the author, Dr. Nadim Shaath.



Dr. Nadim Shaath, Author, Healing Civilizations: The Search for Therapeutic Essential Oils & Nutrients

Patience Gray: A Life About Food



Ever heard of Patience Gray? If you have – good for you! And if you haven’t, you still most likely are affected by her passion and work every day, as this woman has defined our modern way of eating and cooking more than any other woman of her time. We are talking with the author of a new book that is honoring Patience Gray's dedication to food, and her unwillingness to accept societal standards, luckily, as we are all better for it today. She was the Alice Waters of her time, helping to redefine our relationship to eating. 


Adam Federman, Author, Fasting and Feasting: The Life of Visionary Food Writer Patience Gray, Vermont

Sustainable Fashion: A Beautiful Idea for Fabric Waste



We talk a lot about sustainability on our plates on this show - organic food and agriculture as the foundation for social and environmental justice. But of course, the conversation about how to create true sustainability on this planet includes all aspects of human life. Today it’s about sustainable fashion. We are speaking with an expert about the fashion industry in this episode, specifically about the insane amount of fabric waste created every day, around the world, and even in a city near you, here in the U.S. That expert, Angela Chou, has created an alternative, a true solution to what we can do about all this fabric waste - and she will share her model with us today.


Host Helge Hellberg in an organic conversation with Angela Chou, Founder of Utterly, San Francisco, CA

Avocados: Making Production Equitable and Environmentally Sound



As agriculture and food are all of our most direct and daily connection to the natural world, and the health of our environment directly impacting our own health and well-being, it is imperative that we continue to explore and push the boundaries of overall sustainable production. How can we produce food in a way that is fair, socially just, beneficial for communities, and also environmentally sound, all at the same time? We are speaking with an expert today on the equitable production of produce – in this example, about Avocados.


Nicole Vitello, President, Equal Exchange Produce, West Bridgewater, MA

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