Medicinal Marijuana: Health Benefits, Safe Use, and Advice


The entire conversation about sustainable agriculture, food, and plant-based medicines is huge, convoluted, and full of – may we say – intentional errors? There are trillion dollar interests at stake between the agricultural and the pharmaceutical industry, and yet, medicinal marijuana is also not the cure-all easy fix. It’s a powerful and important plant and medicine that for millions of people offer incredible benefits. Still a controversial topic, but such a needed conversation. We will be discussing the health benefits, safe usage, and advice, from a doctor who is an expert on medicinal marijuana.


Dr. Rachna Patel, Medical Marijuana Doctor, The Medical Marijuana Expert, Walnut Creek, CA


Goatlandia Animal Rescue: Love for Animals, Love for Self


“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” This beautiful quote by Mahatma Gandhi is the framework for this episode. We have come a long way in the protection of animals, as some of them do enjoy relative safety in the wild, as well as at home as domestic pets. Unfortunately, when it comes to animal welfare in commercially raised animals for consumption, such as chickens, pigs, lambs, and of course cows, there is little to no governmental protection. To make a difference, a woman in California decided to change her career and provide a safe haven for exactly those animals.


Deborah Blum, Founder, Goatlandia, Santa Rosa, CA

Wisdom of the Seasons: A Life Built on Organic Soil


We all live in cycles, moon cycles, sun cycles, menstrual cycles, seasons, birth, youth, maturity, old age, and ultimately death again. Destruction and creation. We are in conversation today about cycles and the wisdom Nature holds for us with no one better than Earl Herrick. Earl lives Nature every single day in his work at Earl’s Organic, the premier organic produce wholesale business out of San Francisco, in a life dedicated to organic agriculture.


Earl Herrick, Founder & Owner, Earl's Organic Produce, San Francisco, CA

California After the Fire: Lessons from a Biodynamic Vineyard


Last fall, Southern and Northern California experienced the worst fires in its recorded history. Fires are part of the ecological cycle, even necessary in the cycle of life. And yet, the devastation last year’s California fires left behind was unprecedented. How do we reconcile that, what can we learn from such an event, and how can we still help in the effort to restore what was lost?

So while the fires have ended, the aftermath and efforts to rebuild continue. One of the areas hit hard in Northern California was the Redwood Valley, a couple of hours north of San Francisco, and the home of Frey Vineyards. We are speaking with Katrina Frey today about her experience in the middle of the chaos, as Executive Director of Frey Vineyards.


Katrina Frey, Executive Director, Frey Vineyards, Redwood Valley, CA


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