Alive Inside: Music to Remember


*Originally Aired on 3/14/16. Chosen as "Best of 2016"

An award-winning documentary shows the powerful effect music has on patients with Alzheimer's disease. By demonstrating how melody returns people to long lost memories, we explore the question, "can music make you come alive again?"



Michael Rossato-Bennett, Writer/Director/Producer, Alive Inside, New York, NY

Animal & Human Companionship: Proven Benefit to Our Health


*Originally Aired on 3/28/16. Chosen as "Best of 2016"

Anyone who has ever loved an animal knows the sublime quality of a relationship built upon unconditional love. Increasing evidence suggests that beyond the bonds of companionship, human-animal relationships can also be life saving. Tune in to learn about how animals across species are healing a spectrum of human ailments - and how animals improve their health at the same time.


Ancient Wisdom and Indigenous Rights: Lessons from Standing Rock


Indigenous people’s rights have been violated since the beginning of time. But one would think that by now, we would have seen and understood the injustice of the past and revised our stands and approach to land use in general, and in particular, when it includes land of the First Nations or any other indigenous groups in this country, or anywhere else in the world. Unfortunately, not so. The developments around Standing Rock in North Dakota where an oil pipeline is supposed to go through sacred land, including underneath the Missouri River - the longest river in America - has raised massive political, cultural, environmental, and ethnic concerns. This week we are speaking with a Native American elder about what is happening and what is at stake at Standing Rock, and what the lessons are, that so urgently need to become a much greater part of our way of life.



David Escobar, Lenca-Poton Indian, Member of the Indigenous Cuxcatan Collective


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