The Brower Youth Awards: A New Generation of Change


We commonly say that we have inherited this world from our fathers and grandfathers. But another way to look at our responsibility for this planet in this lifetime is that we are borrowing our world from our children. Today we are hearing about an initiative that promotes and celebrates the next generation for their genius ideas and sustainable solutions to save the world.

Anisha Desai, Program Director, Brower Youth Awards, San Francisco, CA
Susette Onate, 2016 Brower Youth Award WinnerFostering Stewardship Through a Native Butterfly GardenHialeah, FL
Will Amos, 2016 Brower Youth Award WinnerEngineering Possibility for Impactful Change, Irvine, CA

The Function of Food: From Performance to Good Sleep


Beyond diets and health benefits, food has a specific function. It can make us sleepy, or wake us up. It can make us fast or enduring. It can make us focused, or calm. It can make us feel warm, or cold, it can make us feel great, or awful. The better we know how food acts in our bodies the more it can positively influence our lives. How can we learn what to pay attention to? Today we are starting that conversation.

Earl Herrick, Founder & Owner, Earl's Organic Produce, San Francisco, CA
Ben Herrick, Athlete, Sonoma, CA

The 2016 Presidential Election: Voting for the Environment


In this presidential election, we have heard nearly nothing close to a real conversation on the concern for the environment. From energy to climate change, how do all four candidates hold environmental responsibility and what are their platforms for environmental leadership? We'll find out today!

Keith Gaby, Senior Communications Director, Environmental Defense Fund Action, Washington, D.C.


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