Silent Spring: The Legacy of Rachel Carson



Dr. Linda Lear, Biographer, Historian & Founder of, Bethesda, MD

Nutrition for Children: Starting them Off Right


We all know that a diet rich in organic fruits and vegetables and unprocessed, whole foods is the foundation for overall health and well being. And we also know that even before children are born, they are already exposed to hundreds of chemicals and heavy metals, a toxic burden that could compromise the children’s health and development. And from there our young ones, just as we are, are exposed to toxins in our food and environment as they grow older. Today we are learning just how important a healthy diet is in balancing this exposure to toxins, and what a healthy children-specific diet looks like.
Dr. Matthew Lederman, Co-Author, Forks Over Knives Family, Los Angeles, CA

Strong Bones: Optimal Food for Skeletal Health


Food is thy medicine, again today. Osteoporosis, or loss of bone density, is one of the leading causes of death in the United States and many other Western Societies. The common answer to bone loss is usually Calcium. While Calcium has an important role in our overall bone health, there is much more to the story. In this hour, we are speaking with a physician about how to prepare and combine whole foods to prevent and treat Osteoporosis naturally.

Dr. Laura Kelly, Co-Author, The Healthy Bones Nutrition Plan and Cookbook, Topanga, CA


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