Pawpaw: America’s Forgotten Fruit


How could a tropical fruit native to North American soil go under the radar for generations? Such is the story of Pawpaw - and many other plant species nearly forgotten by US agriculture. Find out what made these fruits so special to Native Americans and early settlers and what is being done today to revive the existence of indigenous nutritious foods throughout our country.

Andrew Moore, Author, Pawpaw: In Search of America's Forgotten Fruit, Pittsburgh, PA

GMO Labeling: Consumer’s Right to Know


Vermont, Maine, and Connecticut have all adopted GMO labeling laws. So what does that mean for the rest of the country? And what can we take away from the fact that major food corporations like Campbell's and General Mills have agreed to institute nationwide labeling policies for their products? Get the scoop from one of the most influential people advocating for our right to know, Chairman of the Just Label It campaign.
Gary Hirshberg, Chairman, Just Label It, Washington, D.C.

An Apology to Elephants: Restoring Honor to Nature’s Gentlest Giants


"If you want to teach people about the nature of being human, you don't take them to a prison; you take them to a park where they can see families and people being free. If you want to teach people about the nature of elephants, you don't take them to a circus." A passionate documentary about man's relationship to elephants is inspiring a movement to release our world's largest land mammal from grueling entertainment and save multiple species in the process. Tune in this week for our interview with HBO's filmmaker and a renowned expert on elephant captivity.

Amy Schatz, Director, An Apology to Elephants, New York, NY
Ed Stewart, President & Co-Founder, PAWS, Galt, CA


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