Wolf Therapy: Ancient Bond, Modern Healing


How can connecting with man's first animal companion provide us the ability to connect with ourselves and our communities? Tune in this hour to learn about two retreat centers using wisdom from the animal kingdom to recover from today's traumas.

Joni Ogle, Director of Young Adult Programs, Promises Treatment Centers, Malibu, CA
*In conjunction with Wolf Connection, Acton, CA

The Paleo Point of View: Keeping it Real


Find yourself wondering what the Paleo Diet is all about? We uncover all of the surprising and delicious details in this hour: from what you can eat to the best substitutions for your favorite guilty pleasure foods.

Ali Rakowski, AuthorBowls of Love: Paleo Soups for the Seasons, Stamford, CT

Food Chains: The Cost of America’s Food System


While society is more focused on food than ever, domestic labor issues remain largely unseen by the public. This hour, the AOC Team discusses a powerful new documentary that sheds light on wages and conditions of the men and women who harvest our fresh food every day.

Sanjay Rawal, Director, Food Chains, New York, NY


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