Love Thy Nature: Understanding the Source of Our Humanity


Homo Sapiens have evolved to believe that we are separate from nature, causing disrupt to billions of years of evolution. Love Thy Nature is an award-winning documentary that shines light on the role that nature plays in our lives - how does it nourish us? Immerse yourself into the beauty and intimacy of our relationship to the natural world.

Sylvie Rokab, Director, Love Thy Nature, Los Angeles, CA

Beauty or the Beast: Choosing Safe Personal Care Products


When it comes to health, the world of cosmetics and body care products is tough to navigate, in great part because there are few manufacturing standards and little transparency in labeling. In this episode, we are joined by a topic expert to learn what to look for in personal care products, what to avoid, and how to get involved in improving regulations for what we put on our -- and our loved one's -- bodies.


Janet Nudelman, Director of Program & Policy, Breast Cancer Fund, San Francisco, CA

Mindfulness & Meditation: Finding Your Authentic Center


What tools can best help us manage our anxiety and oh-so complex time on earth? This hour looks at how to stay centered with different methods and forms of meditation, as well as its benefits, and how you could start incorporating a little bit of more Self into your life.


Zero Waste Holidays: Celebration Meets Sustainability


This season is a time when we gather with friends and family to appreciate our lives and one another. Make the Earth a part of your celebration by reducing waste and designing get togethers with a lighter ecological footprint without sacrificing what makes the holidays so dear.

Bea Johnson, Author, Zero Waste Home, Mill Valley, CA


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