The Language of Flowers: Conveying Meaning without Words


Flowers have long been used as symbols of something greater than their sheer beauty. Whether to express love, friendship, gratitude, or forgiveness, journey with us this hour and learn to speak a language that dates back to ancient times.

Shane Connolly, Floral Designer, Shane Connolly Company, London, UK
*Shane has been awarded a Royal Warrant of Appointment to the HRH the Prince of Wales

Cooking with Oils: The Healthiest Fat for Every Job


Learn the important basics of saturated and unsaturated fats, which oils can be heated, and what temperatures are safe to enjoy a variety of food preparations while maintaining your holistic health.

Chef & Nutritionist, Inspired Eating Enlightened Nutritional Healing, Boulder, CO

Angels in Patient Care: Restoring Beauty, Dignity & Health


The Lipstick Angels are an important non-profit providing non-toxic natural beauty treatments to cancer patients in hospitals, helping people feel a sense of self again by feeling beautiful during a vulnerable time.

Renata Helfman, Founder & Executive Director, Lipstick Angels, Los Angeles, CA

Homemade Baby Food: Healthy Meals for the Youngest Years


New parents: tune in! This hour helps guide you while you wean from breast milk and transition into solid foods. Learn how to make homemade baby food and which nutrients your child will need through toddler days and into early childhood.

Tamika L. Gardner, Author, 201 Organic Baby & Toddler Meals, Raleigh, NC


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