Five Superfoods: Boosting Health & Flavor


The most nutrient dense foods of all are often called superfoods. The AOC Team responds to an important topic that was requested by our listeners, focusing on the top five most nutrient dense foods. What are they? How can you eat them? When should you eat them? What do they do?

Team Organic: AOC Hosts, Helge Hellberg & Sitarani Palomar

Landfill Harmonic: A New Tone of Opportunity & Hope


In a celebration of the human heart, mind, and spirit, this hour looks at the documentary that tells the story of the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, Paraguay. Through the eyes of the young musicians, their teacher, and a carpenter who makes instruments from trash, we can all learn the lesson that coming from nothing is not an excuse to do nothing.

Brad Allgood, Director & Editor, Landfill Harmonic, Los Angeles, CA 
Juliana Penaranda-Loftus, Producer & Co-Director, Landfill Harmonic, Los Angeles, CA

In Health We Trust: Fresh Food Access & Affordability for All


While it is the foundation for a healthy society, not every community has access to nutritious food and education about how to make better choices. This episode looks at important work being done by a non-profit organization in Philadelphia to help neighborhoods, schools, grocers, farmers, and policymakers work together to address the challenges of health and food security.

Dwayne Wharton, Director of External Affairs, The Food Trust, Philadelphia, PA

Cheap Fashion: The Harm & Hidden Cost


As society transitions to more healthier choices for food, natural body care, and greener transportation, one area of daily life remaining largely unchanged is our clothing. This hour looks at the social, environmental, and economic costs of the apparel industry and ways we can start improving lives everywhere with the choices we make today.

Elizabeth Cline, Author, Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion, Brooklyn, NY

Foraging: Wild Edibles Outside Your Front Door


As Farmers Markets bustle with people and burst with produce, so does Nautre show her most abundant side. This hour is devoted to the identification of which wild foods you can include on your plate, how to prepare them, and the inherent benefit of deepening our own relationship to Mother Earth.

Kami McBride, Author, The Herbal Kitchen, Vacaville, CA


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