Planting Hope: Reversing Deforestation and Poverty through Education


By combining fair trade principles and humanitarian work, the incredible efforts of one non-profit empower small-scale Central American farmers to make a living and produce a healthier harvest.

Florence Reed, President & Founder, Sustainable Harvest International, Ellsworth, ME

Hip Hop Goes Green: The Impact of Music & Message


What do a music movement and a food movement have in common? The power to change the face of obesity, encourage living sustainably and instilling healthy habits in our youth. Tune in this week to hear how one program is using hip hop as a tool for change. 

Keith Tucker, Producer, Pursuit of a Green Planet, Seattle, WA

A Journey to Wholeness: The Relationship Between Faith & Psychology


This hour goes beyond spirituality into what Jung called "the privilege of a lifetime" - "to become who you truly are." Join us as we explore the opportunity for personal growth within yourself and through community.

Guest(s): Dr. J. Pittman McGehee, Episcopal Priest & Jungian Analyst, Inner Journey Retreat, Austin, TX

Sunshine, Soil, Water & Love: A Story of the World’s Seed Supply


The vast majority of seeds is now in the hands of a few multinational companies. Why is that an issue? This week we look at the the implications for farmers, the Earth, and our plate and the critical importance of seed sovereignty.

Sean Kaminsky, Director & Producer, Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds, New York, NY


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