Redefining the Role of Retail: Natural Food Stores as Resource Centers for Health


Natural food stores are truly community resource centers, addressing personal health, community health, offering culinary connections and help steer the future of sustainable agriculture. An Organic Conversation recently hosted a seminar and invited health food store managers, organic farmers and other leaders of the health food movement whom together addressed the question of what is possible.


What’s in Season? The Final Taste of Summer


Late summer is a transition time for farming and produce. Walk the produce dock and the fields with us as we explore the final taste of summer. Seasonal produce - what to look for, what to consider, how to buy it, store it, and what to do at home.

Earl Herrick, Founder & Owner, Earl's Organic Produce, San Francisco, CA

Culture Shift: Making Fermented Foods at Home


Following up on an episode with Sandor Katz, explore the world of kraut even further, learning how to make fermented foods at home. This episode will guide you through the health benefits and the process of saving fresh produce, giving you DIY tips for fermented foods. 

Karen Diggs, Founder, Kraut Source, San Francisco, CA


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