Cleaning House: Save Time, Money & Your Health with Nontoxic Solutions


Debunking the myth that nontoxic cleaners are less effective, this week we look at what works for every room of the house and how to make your own with a few pantry staples.


Amy Kolb Noyes, 

Author, Nontoxic Cleaning, Stowe, VT

Karl Robillard, 

Communications & Outreach Manager, St. Anthony Foundation, San Francisco, CA

Coconut: Health and Harvest


From coconut milk to meat to water, coconut products are everywhere in the market. Are they good for us? What’s the environmental impact of coconut production? An exploration of coconuts in this tropical hour.


Dr. Bruce Fife

Founder, The Coconut Research Center, Colorado Springs, CO

Planting a Seed: Gardening Advice for the Novice


Ever wanted to start a garden but really didn’t know how? Do it this year - from windowsill to backyard, from herbs to flowers to vegetables

Derek Fell, Author, Grow This!, Pipersville, PA


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