Colorful Vegan Kitchen: Plant-Based Recipes for Everyone


One of the most powerful transformations in the world of diets has occurred for the term Vegan. In its early days in the 1980’s when I learned about it, Vegan often meant overcooked carrots with a cold tofu salad. Today we know that a plant-based diet, which is exactly what a Vegan diet comprises of – plants, is the healthiest way to eat. Newest biome research – biome being the bacteria in our bodies and particularly in our gut, shows that a fiber-rich diet of fruits and vegetables – ideally organic – is the most important piece for optimal microbial health in our bodies, and with it, the foundation for our own health. And today, the plant-based dishes some chefs are coming up with are simply out of this world - and actually easy to create, even for us, at home.


Ilene Godofsky Moreno, Author, The Colorful Kitchen, Brooklyn, NY