Healing Bodies, Healing Hearts: One Meal at a Time


Much more than an effort to cook healthy meals, The Ceres Community Project has become a national model for building a true social network - supporting, nourishing, and educating communities.

Cathryn Couch, Executive Director, The Ceres Community Project, Sebastopol, CA

The Life of Pie: Baking a Slice of Joy


From savory to sweet, for many pie means “home.” Dive into an hour of pie whispering - from the perfect crust to pie for every time of day and year.

Kasey Caletti, Culinary Program Manager, Hattery, San Francisco, CA

Table Talk: Favorite Recipes for the Winter Season


It's the time of gratitude, harvest celebrations and finding friends and family around the dinner table. The light is changing and the holidays are near. The AOC Team shares their favorite fall and winter recipes along with the stories that made those meals so exceptional. 


Peacebuilding: Using Nature as a Catalyst for Conflict Resolution


There is some beautiful and critical work being done around the world to drop the perceptions, beliefs and assumptions that we all carry around when it comes to gender, ethnicity, religion, income, social status, color - and whatever else we may choose to differentiate or separate ourselves from others. Join us as one organization shares stories from its programs, showing us the change that can occur when we no longer living in the confinement of our roles. 

Ana Patel, Executive Director, Outward Bound Center for Peacebuilding, New York, NY

Pet Adoption: From Homelessness to Happiness


Some of the most important relationships we can have are with animals. Especially this time of year, many people consider adopting a pet. Tune in to learn some critical questions to ask and tips for what can - and most likely will be - a life-changing experience.

Temma Martin, Best Friends Animal Society, Kenab, UT


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