Forks Over Knives: A Compelling Case for Veganism


An empowering discussion about how to prevent disease and cultivate lasting wellness through a plant-based diet. 

Dr. Pam Popper, Naturopath, Forks Over Knives, Columbus, OH

Eating Sugar: The Culture of Fermentation


A practice in nearly every culture across the world for thousands of years, the AOC team speaks with the foremost expert about the art, process, benefits, and history of fermentation.

Sandor Katz, The Art of Fermentation, Cannon County, TN

Raising the Nurturing Father: A Journey of Healing and Hope


This week the AOC Team speaks with a father-son duo whose work empowers dads to find their role as fully integrated, loving caregivers within their families – and society.

Mark Perlman, Founder, The Nurturing Fathers Program, Sarasota, FL
Cory Perlman,Teacher, The Nurturing Fathers Program, Atlanta, GA


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