Food Not Waste: A Brilliant Solution to the Problem of Over-Abundance



Food insecurity is defined by not knowing where your next meal is coming from. And yet, while food insecurity is a reality for some 50 million Americans, nearly half of the food we produce in this country is thrown away. How can that be and what can be done about it? We are speaking with an expert on food waste today, and introduce to you to an organization who has not just solved the issue, but created a true win-win-win scenario for all parties involved in doing so.


Komal Ahmed, Founder & CEO, Copia, San Francisco, CA

Green Energy and Youth Empowerment: Creating the Future of America Hand-in-Hand



This country needs progressive programs, Ideas that can address multiple challenges that we face at once. Today we are talking about a brilliant organization that does exactly that, by offering training to young adults to become green energy auditors, and with it empowering the next generation to lead this country in its sustainability efforts.


Jodi Pincus, Executive Director, Rising Sun Energy Center, Berkeley, CA

Hope Cupples, Campaign Coordinator, Rising Sun Energy Center, Berkeley, CA

Organic Agriculture: Honoring Life, Land and Community



Three women who have made organic food their career show us that sustainable food production and healthy agricultural practices have a tremendous impact on everything that food touches. Starting on the land with the farmer, these practices positively affect just about everything along the journey, ultimately reaching the end consumer. Us. In this episode, we celebrate the notion that life creates life, with Helge Hellberg. 

Christie Biddle, Fruit Buyer Susan Simitz, Social Media & Marketing Manager Jessica Cole, Quality Assurance & Inventory Control Specialist Earls Organic Produce, San Francisco, CA

Chasing Coral: An Emotional Journey Under the Ocean’s Surface



Today we are entering a world that many of us will never witness – the stunningly beautiful world of Coral reefs. Like tropical birds under the water, Corals are strange, incredible, and, as we will learn today, critical in the overall ecology of the oceans. And, they are as threatened as so many other ecosystems and animals today. However, if you are not a diver, there are not many other opportunities to see Corals up close. Perhaps in an aquarium you can get a glimpse of their colors and beauty, but anyone who has had a chance to dive through a Coral reef often speaks of it as if it was a outer-world experience. We now have a chance to see this amazing underwater world up close and personal – thanks to a new documentary Chasing Coral.


Richard Vevers, Founder & CEO, The Ocean Agency, & Underwater Photographer, Chasing Coral, Sydney, Australia

Children and Nature: A Crucial Connection



American children spend four to seven minutes a day playing outdoors—that is 90 percent less time than their parents did. There is a significant physical, emotional, and mental price to pay for having such little exposure to Nature and unstructured playtime. What is at stake, how to bring Nature back into all of our lives, and specifically, How to Raise a Wild Child – that’s our topic in this hour of An Organic Conversation.

Scott D. Sampson, Author, How to Raise a Wild Child, Vancouver, B.C.